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12 Important Things

I love this list of 12 important things every child — and maybe especially our children on the autistic spectrum — needs to hear.

12 things


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Airport Rehearsal!

Flying is something we take for granted these days, but for children on the autistic spectrum, it can be an overwhelming experience.

Understanding that taking an autistic child on an airplane may require some advance planning and preparation, many airports now have programs that provide them with a flying experience without ever lifting off the ground.

Here is a list of 15 airports currently offering an Airport Rehearsal Program.

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Miami’s Autism Card

The University of Miami Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) partnered with the Coral Gables Police Department and the Disability Independence Group (DIG) to create ID cards so people with ASD can present themselves as such when interacting with law enforcement.

The idea came about after some young adults with autism were arrested for exhibiting “suspicious” behavior after being pulled over while driving when, in fact, they were simply responding with behavior that is characteristic of ASD.

With the help of the ID card, police officers will be able to know why a person may not be making eye contact, speaking, or reacting in an expected way.

The card features a bio-dot section, which allows drivers with autism to show how they are feeling by pointing to one of four options: relaxed, calm, nervous or tense.

I love this idea because it not only gives people with ASD a tool, but increases law enforcement’s awareness of ASD with that same tool. I think every state needs this!