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The Great Experiment

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OpClean1Almost one year ago we embarked on an experiment to see if we could recover, reverse, and/or heal Corban’s autism. Was this even possible. And if so, how much?

It all began with reading two books I happened across that shifted my world. These books introduced me to the idea that just as the foods and additives in our modern diet can affect a healthy person’s health and behavior, it might have an even more significant impact on an autistic child’s health and behavior. The encouragement behind this message was to strengthen the child’s immune and digestive systems and get back to the basics of what is going on in our child’s body and brain.

That wasn’t too much of a stretch for me. I agree that what our kids eat has at least some impact on their health. But how much? Could pulling things from Corban’s diet help him, either in general or with autistic-specific challenges?

In the midst of dozens of books and on the verge of overwhelm, I knew we needed to take a step for Corban. At the very least, I wanted to know if diet impacted my son’s autistic challenges. I didn’t want to wait until I had read everything there was to know about this subject. That might take months! So following my rule of thumb — to try anything that sounds practical, reasonable, safe, healthy, and non-invasive — I decided to tackle our operation clean-up for Corban in phases.

Tune in tomorrow to read about our first experiment phase — Operation Clean-Up 101 — and what results we saw in Corban.


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