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I’ve been using this list during the home-school day when I’m teaching Corban. It reminds me that his learning style and methods are not the same as mine. It also helps me remember to show him patience and respect when challenges come up. Looking at this list this morning, I realized what a great list it is for supporting anyone on the spectrum.Support Steps


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  1. Great stuff. Routine is huge.

    The only thing I might look at is the humor and double words. rather than avoid, I would say be cognizant. And look for the teachable moment that it creates.

    I have always been a but of a jokester, so it’s tough to avoid. But I truly think my daughter has benefited.

    irony and double meaning words requires abstract thought.

    Understanding sarcasm requires empathy.

    where these things come naturally to most of us, autistic kids need to learn them and practice them to develop the skill.


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