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For anyone who has not yet heard of Ethan Fox, he hit the news and Internet about three years ago with his mother, who explained how changing her son’s diet to gluten- and casein-free recovered him from his autistic spectrum disorder.

This is one of the news reports that interviewed Ethan, his mother, and his physician, who did a good job explaining the gut-brain connection and why diet has an impact on neurology.

I strongly disagree with the use and inference of the word ‘cure’ in the video. But ‘reversing’ and ‘recovering’ are wonderful reasons to explore all the options. I believe with all my heart that parents of children on the autistic spectrum remain on the frontlines, demanding, questing, ever-searching for answers with our outside-the-box thinking.

After watching the four-minute video, be sure to check out the Operation Clean-Up steps we’ve taken and continue to take with Corban, and see how much diet has affected his autistic symptoms.


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