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powerful beyond measureWe live in an amazing time in which the definition of autism (neurological, environmental, and immunological) is changing. As parents of kids on the autistic spectrum, we are in a unique position of standing up as our children’s advocates and challenging diagnoses, prognoses, treatments, and therapies. We’re exploring alternative answers and options, some of which are controversial. What works well for one child or family may not work for others.

The current medical model in this country is not in a position to address the frightening growth in numbers of children on the autistic spectrum. As a mom who was gob-smacked by the reality that I’m my autistic child’s best hope, I continue to spend a great deal of time reading and researching information about autism and how to meet its many challenges. My rule of thumb is this: If it seems reasonable, safe, healthy and noninvasive, we’ll try it… not to cure autism, but to recover as much of Corban as possible.

I’m going to share with you what we’ve tried with Corban and the results we’ve seen. Will all of these ideas work for your child? Of course not. I’m not a medical professional who can argue for or against the scientific veracity of any of the things we’ve tried that have worked.

My greatest wish when we began this journey with Corban in 2011 was that we had had a roadmap to guide us. So it’s in that spirit that I share our journey, our paths, what’s worked for us and what hasn’t. Take from it what you can and leave the rest. If you’d like to join the conversation, feel free to leave a comment.

Each of our journeys is unique and personal. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. There are no magic wands. There is no sweep of eradication of autism. There is only our commitment to recover as much of our children as possible, a spectrum of possibilities to explore, and the belief that we as parents of autistic children can be strong beyond measure.




Watch for this icon in the series Operation Clean-Up.


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