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Nutrition-Anxiety Link

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I just read a great article by Nicole Beurkens, PhD, who publishes a newsletter called Horizons. The article focuses on anxiety in children with neurodevelopmental disorders, and she gives some practical ideas to reduce anxiety symptoms without using medication. Here is her article…

The Nutrition-Anxiety Link in Children horizons
with Learning, Mood, and Behavior Challenges
by Nicole Buerkens, PhD.

Anxiety is a very common symptom in children and adults with a wide range of diagnoses. The majority of individuals with learning, mood, and behavior challenges struggle with anxiety symptoms such as constant worry, fear of being in social situations, feelings of restlessness, or panic. While many things can cause and exacerbate anxiety symptoms, the things we eat and drink can have a major impact on how anxious we feel. Many people either suffer with anxiety symptoms throughout their lives, not realizing that they can be treated, or rush to medication as a solution without trying other approaches first. Understanding the link between anxiety and nutrition, and making health changes to eating habits, should be part of a first-line approach to supporting anxiety reduction.

Here are some simple nutrition strategies to try if you or your child struggle with anxiety…

Click here to read the rest of the article.


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