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A New School Year…

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peace from taliAs a new school year begins for us here in West Michigan, I’ve been thinking about my blessings. Coincidentally, I received an email from Tali Berman, an autism specialist, that shared these wonderful and touching blessings for Corban and me.

Blessing for your special child, Corban:

“May your child be loved for who he is, celebrated for his strengths and unique abilities, and grow in a way that allows him to further bring his unique self to the world.”

Blessing for you, Peggy :

“May you celebrate your own efforts, and may your sense of peace and joy be derived not only from the achievements your child makes (though that is wonderful too!) , but from the life experience you share together.”

Thank you, Tali. What a lovely thought to begin a great year.

You can find out more about what Tali is doing at her website.


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