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Gentle Gecko


geckoA few months ago, Corban’s super-supportive grandmother bought him a weighted sensory “toy” online from Future Horizons, a wonderful website of sensory resources for autistic children. Operating on the same principles of weighted blankets and vests, these colorful geckos help children with sensory issues by providing the extra weight to feel grounded, as well as to soothe, calm, and comfort themselves. Each gecko is about 30 inches long, weighs about seven pounds, and is handsewn. It’s filled with non-toxic milo (birdseed) and is irresistible! But does it work?

Visits to the dentist for Corban are very stressful times. When he had to go in a few weeks ago to get his teeth cleaned, he took his gecko along and laid it across his lap during the procedure. Not only was I amazed at how calm he was, the dentist and his staff were so impressed, they decided to get one for their office for other children to use during dental visits. How’s that for a testimonial?!

As is true with most good-quality weighted products, the gecko is not cheap. Each one runs about $35, but this therapeutic “toy” is worth every penny of the investment, in my opinion.


3 thoughts on “Gentle Gecko

  1. Good reminder. Grounding. One of the easy things to forget.
    Tx for inspiration.

  2. RandyOrtiz2, I totally agree with you. And I must admit that during times I’ve held the gecko in my lap or over my shoulder, I feel more grounded, too. How cool is that?!

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