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Disconnected Kids


disconnected kidsI just finished a fascinating and hopeful book called Disconnected Kids, by Dr. Robert Melillo. He shares in this easy-to-read book that conditions presenting as neurologically based — autism, Asperger’s syndrome, PDD-NOS, ADHD, dyslexia, OCD, and ODD — show striking similarities in brain diagnostic imaging. He asserts that all of these conditions, which adversely affect behavior and learning are actually related to one problem: an imbalance of electrical activity between areas of the brain, especially the right and left hemispheres. Dr. Melillo calls this imbalance FUNCTIONAL DISCONNECTION SYNDROME (FDS).

Because FDS isn’t typically due to an injury to the brain, the disconnection can be fixed by brain-balancing, which is a non-invasive, drug-free, at-home exercise therapy that is based on the neuroplasticity of the brain.

This book helps parents determine if their child is right-brain or left-brain dominant, and then suggests at-home exercises to strengthen the deficient area(s) to balance the electrical activity. High-functioning autistic children, like my son Corban, are typically right-brain deficient with enhanced left-brain skill. My goal over the next 90 days is to work with the suggested exercises in the book to strengthen his brain’s right-hemisphere. I’ll keep you posted!


5 thoughts on “Disconnected Kids

  1. Great info…I’ll check it out. Did they use SPECT to asssess?

    Guess what.. As far as right brain, we could all use that. A while ago i set out to do more creative endeavors. I do some type of artwork regularly just for the sake of doing it. Not only does it reduce stress, i find that I resolve problems better…i think while i do art. Resolution ideas flow more easily. I am more patient. I get fewer headaches.

    My theory it that our current world demands more left brain process than comes natural.

    Doing creative activity can make you a better problem solver, a better parent better person. We need that, especially when autism is in our lives.

  2. Reblogged this on Toni Vadala – talking about…everything and commented:
    As a person who deals with ADHD on a daily basis, I wanted to thank you for sharing. I also raised a child with ADHd/ODD and possible Bipolar. Very challenging. They are trying to tell me that my other son might have either a spectral disorder or a form of Asperger’s. I”m not sure what to think, but I know that whatever they say I’m ready to take it on! Thank you again. I hope that by sharing this post, it will bring more publicity and hopefully get people to understand that it’s not always a choice. God bless

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, TBearMama. I think we’ll find out, looking back at some point, that autistic spectrum disorders result from environmental triggers and immune issues (like leaky gut syndrome) as well as genetic components. My approach for the past 24 months has been to try a multi-pronged approach to Corban’s autistic spectrum disorder diagnosis. I research (and talk to other parents about) anything that is safe, non-invasive, and makes sense in terms of addressing the issues Corban is dealing with. My rule of thumb is that whatever we try should not harm him, even if it doesn’t work. Currently, we are working on his diet, the brain-balancing exercises in Dr. Melillo’s book, neurofeedback, and social skills group therapy. As is true with almost all parents of autistic children, we know more than their pediatricians in a very short period of time following the diagnosis. If you can find a DAN! doctor in your area, he/she will help you look at biomedical intervention that aims at healing, rather than just treating, autistic symptoms. I wish you the best.

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