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The MMR Vaccine and Autism

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shotItalian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Caused Autism: US Media Blacks Out Story

By Kristan Harris on June 14, 2013

The debate over vaccines continues as an Italian court ruled in favor of the Bocca family, whose nine-year-old son became autistic after receiving the MMR (Measles/Mumps & Rubella) vaccine.

Valentino Bocca was given the MMR vaccine when he was 15 months old in 2004. The family has stated that immediately after the jab their son began showing signs of serious discomfort. The Bocca family decided to act and took the case to court. Judges determined the vaccine did cause the autism after new evidence was presented and awarded the Bocca family 174,000 euro (£140,000) after the Italian Health Ministry conceded the MMR vaccine caused autism in their nine-year-old son Valentino. After the ruling, Italian lawyers began examining around 100 similar cases, which they believe could lead to more families pursuing court cases.

The U.S. media did not report on this and continues to black out the massive, growing movement worldwide to re-think vaccines based on science and evidence.

Read the full article here.


One thought on “The MMR Vaccine and Autism

  1. You never hear anything but good news about vaccines on the drug-ad supported news. Gee, I wonder if money is the reason?

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