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Isabel’s House

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Isabel's HouseDr. Kaarin Anderson-Ryan has a wonderful social skills group for children on the autistic spectrum at Isabel’s House in Spring Lake, Michigan.

Her program is designed for children who have social skills challenges related to autism spectrum disorder and Asperger’s syndrome. And it provides them with a chance to learn skills to help initiate and maintain conversations, develop friendships, improve their social confidence, and meet new friends in a positive and safe environment.

Dr. Anderson-Ryan is a fully licensed psychologist specializing in positive behavior support, autism spectrum disorders and child development, and cognitive behavioral therapies. She has more than 15 years experience working with children and adults with unique needs and developmental and social challenges.

Corban has been working with Dr. Kaarin for over two years, and I’m impressed with not only the skills he’s learning, but how easy they are to reinforce at home. I highly recommend her. She can be reached at (616) 843-1196.


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