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Social StoriesSocial Stories™ are an educational intervention for autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) kids. These carefully crafted stories were first developed by Carol Gray for use with children with ASD, but the approach has also been successful for many people with social and communication delays and differences.

The goal of a Social Story™ is to share accurate social information in a patient, positive, and reassuring manner that is easily understood by a child and keeps his self-esteem safe. The stories introduce new skills and concepts, improve a child’s understanding of events and expectations, and coach the child on suggested responses to situations. They encourage communication and participation.

The book is available at the library, and I highly recommend it for parents whose want to take an active role in coaching a child with ASD. We had great success with our 10-year-old son on the stories about Change, Mistakes, Feelings, and Bullies. There is even a a CD in the back of the book that has 158 printable, editable Social Stories.

Click here to read some of Carol Gray’s Social Stories.


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